General Pack 990 Website Policies


In general, we will only post photos on pages that require an active, authorized account with a password for a member of the Pack over the age of 13. If any photos are posted on a page that is public, no names should be used in the description or other publicly available location that would identify the individuals.


Contact Information

Personal contact information for any individual (address, email, telephone) should never be posted on a public page, or visible in the "teaser" section of announcements and calendar items, unless that individual has clearly expressed their consent. Many leaders have "aliases" (such as that should be used whenever possible. This both protects the privacy of the individual, and also helps the continuity of the Pack as different people come and go from the position...but the email address remains the same.


Leadership Position & Status

An adult in a leadership position should not be displayed on the website indicating they hold a position unless they have been fully "trained" and are eligible to wear the "Trained" patch on their uniform. In general, this means they should: (a) be a registered Adult Leader with the Boy Scouts of America; (b) have current Youth Protection Training; and (c) have completed the Leader-Specific Training for their position. Please see the Training Page for more details on how to get trained.